Report: Time to Lead: The Need for Excellence in Public Higher Education

A report was released today by the Department of Higher Education on the changing role of public higher education in Massachusetts, part of the Vision Project.  The report compares where the Commonwealth’s public higher education system stands, in comparison to other states, on a number of key indicators including graduation rates, student learning and workforce development.

A Boston Globe article on the report is headlined “Many in Massachusetts are unprepared for college,” saying that “Seventy-seven percent of … high school graduates pursue postsecondary ­degrees, compared to a national average of 65 percent,” but “sixty-five percent of Massachusetts community college students need at least one ­remedial class before they can take on college-level work, as do 22 percent of students at state universities and 7 percent at UMass institutions.”

The statistics in the report are broken down by ethnicity and other factors, but a quick search revealed no specific mention of ESOL or English learners.

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